Vormen zijn overal – MEMO

Vormen zijn overal

Forms are everywhere!!! (That’s the main moto). The idea is to trigger (in the children) a deeper and expanded way to observe the world and their surroundings throughout a playful and joyful way.

The 20min. performance’s content is the 3 primary forms: triangle, square and circle the 3 primary colors (red, blue and yellow) are also visible but there not as content’s main subject. From the suitcase, each time I take out a prop, it allows me to show the forms and also on specific elements.

This didactic theater play possibly will trigger within the children the ability to see space and surroundings in a different way.
The pedagogic content is to learn the primary forms which combine with colors, music, dance and interaction creates a super joyful atmosphere where the children feel free and happy.


Primary Forms Final scene_the circle dance   

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