Blind light – Luminale 2016

Blind light installation was presented at the Luminale 2016, in Frankfurt as a piece of the collective exposition by iLo (Instituut Lichtontwerpen in Amsterdam  –

Concept: Nature has been the inspiration source, specifically two natural light events: light reflection on glass or mirror, creating an unbearable, almost blinding, light spark and, also, light/dark game created by the sun light hidden behind a cloud, the cloud passes by; from this co-existence results motion shaped by a deep emphasis of an on/off light game resulting into a 3D painting, the Blind light installation.


Blind light – I.M.B.T. from I.M.B.T. on Vimeo.


Blind light shadows – I.M.B.T. from I.M.B.T. on Vimeo.

















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