«Blind light» at CCEN (Centro Cultural Emmerico Nunes)

«Blind light» installation

Exposed at CCEN (Centro Cultural Emmerico Nunes) in Sines, Portugal from 25th March until 3rd of July 2017.

Inspired by Nature, the concept is a fusion between these natural light events:

  1. light reflections (on glass or mirror) that create an unbearable, almost blinding light spark.
  2. light/dark game created by sun light hidden behind a cloud, the cloud passes by; from this co-existence results motion.

By using selected artificial materials, these antagonists create a dynamic replica that seduces the audience.

Motion is shaped by a deep emphasis of an on/off light effect originating in a 3D painting, Blind Light installation.

«Blind light» can be described by using these concepts:

  • Abstractionism
  • Minimalism
  • Mechanical system/ Low Tech
  • Raw/Real
  • Recycled materials used as starting points: sustainability
  • Double function object: Art & light


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Why the use of circles?

A circle is a perfect shape, also my favorite one; it can be found in natural systems such as in the human heart or in the water cycle.  Circularity is the new methodology recognized to be the key to the success within the context of overall systems: for example in the circular economy all can be re-use, the waste become resources, etc. The constant use of the circle shape, this repetitious element implemented as an opening, creates a sequence, the light & dark game; an analogy to the sun and cloud ephemeral momentary coexistence.

Circle sequence

The distance between the opening’s centers follows the Fibonacci numbers; a sequence that describes a spiral, the symbol of life and is represented within many nature elements such as: branching in trees, phyllotaxis (the arrangement of leaves on a stem), and the fruit sprouts of a pineapple, the flowering of an artichoke, etc. The circle sizes are 1, 2, 3, and 5 cm also Fibonacci’s numbers. The concept is to replicate the beauty of a certain moment; for example when we experience natural light events. The result is the Blind light installation, a light painting. «Blind light» is not about clean and neat results. It’s not about perfection; the blue acrylic sheet is clear and simple; behind and not completed hidden, is the raw mechanical system visible exposing the structure to the viewer.

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. (Antoine de Saint Exupery).

To an engineer, good enough means perfect. With an artist, there’s no such thing as perfect. (Alexander Calder).



The installation is 100x50x25cm (length/width/ height). The installation is composed by one cobalt blue 4mm acrylic sheet, one motor, two switches, two LED lamps, screws and some other elements composing the motion system such as wheels, wire, etc. The LEDs are bright; amazing light sparks in motion will seduce the spectator. Blind light is presented, hanging horizontally creating a skyline. As a result, the viewer will observe “Blind light” installation as a light painting. In a dark space, the viewer observes 2 lights in motion, horizontally from right to left and vice versa. The light in motion will inevitably generate shadows transforming the ambience gently but actively. This effect brings poetic moments into the architectural space in constant metamorphosis. The light intensity reaches its climax whilst trespasses the circles, when it drifts behind the blue material/acrylic is still visible but with less brightness. The visitors will emerge in a world of abstractionism and minimalism where a raw mechanical system represents the city motion.


Blind light slow motion 2 from I.M.B.T. on Vimeo.

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