At the moment, I.M.B.T. is producing Fragile Future light installations @ Studio Drift.

I.M.B.T. through MEMO (, does Performances for children from 2 – 4 years old at their own environment, such as schools, creches.
The goal is to introduce to them the primary forms (square, circle and triangle) while performing a theater play in which interactivity is one of the main characteristics. She uses music, dance and text to create an amazing experience while children learn.

I.M.B.T. is collaborating with KP sessions,, developing artistic videos.
Soundscape by KP-Sessions and visuals by I.M.B.T., these creations complement each other for a future exhibition about light.

I.M.B.T. also designs and creates installations artistic objects, paintings and art-videos using the subject Light.

I.M.B.T. is very much interested in participating in multidisciplinary artistic projects by collaborating with other artists, in order to find new art, designs and cultural formulas based in sustainability and positive development.

Any questions, please, don’t hesitate to contact I.M.B.T. via or (+31) 629371915 or (+351) 917 461 202