Inês Monteiro de Barros Tavares is an Amsterdam based Visual Artist since 2005 and since 2018 in Lisbon as well. Born in 1981, in Lisbon, graduated in Theatre Design at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, in Utrecht in 2010.

I.M.B.T., is a multi-discipline artist searches innovation and poetry. Being a craftsmanship artist and designer, creates concepts concerning to space, materials, colors, textures and light.

Searching for new visions, gives a significant importance to the detail as a subliminal directive element and wants to surprise the audience within a constant construction of poetic work.

It is about creating new spaces and new meanings by transforming surrounding elements into new inspiring realities.

Developments emerge based on her innate creative intuition leading to two working fields:

as theatre designer works within performativity projects creating set and costume design like a contemporaneous dance performance, theatre performance, collaborating with artists, such as choreographers, dancers, writers, film-makers, technicians and other designers.

And as visual artist creates installations, paintings, compositions and videos as a form of expression.

The presented work is a slice of her creative process; a frozen moment relying in a sustainability essence.

I.M.B.T. is a «theatre animal»; her concepts and designs aim to achieve constant mutation, a motion translated by transformation, interaction and innovation; as a creative starting point process, quite often, uses recycled objects/materials.

By collaborating with other artists, creates and recreates on several fields such as Mixed Media, Painting, Installation, Light, Dance, Video and Performance.

Recently, works as visual artist in both cities, Amsterdam and Lisbon, developing light installations, exploring new techniques throughout workshops and developing theatre dance performances.

inesmbt@gmail.com or (+31) 629371915 or (+351 917 461 202